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Hello Pintrotters!!! This is a special post, to tell you about a wonderful night that Milan and Nike organized for all the Italian girls! ...

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Hello Pintrotters!!! This is a special post, to tell you about a wonderful night that Milan and Nike organized for all the Italian girls! 1600x900q80 WE OWN THE NIGHT is a 10k race, only for girls! No winners, it's not a challenge, but just a way to stay and run together, to show what women can do, to show how strong we are, tough, courageous and always smiling even in the fatigue.

Last Friday May 30th, 7500 girls were meeting around 8pm in a special location: piazza Gae Aulenti, close to the big and new Nike store. AMAZING!!!! SOme days before the race you could pick up your race packet..and what a packet!

Pacco gara unico

A turquoise Nike branded t-shirt that says the logo of the evenings KISS MY RACE (yes because we forgot to say that WOTN race is an International race and before Milan many girls run il London, Paris, and Berlin..all with the same t-thirt..isn't it amazing?!), a special Kiko red lipstick and some other gadgets…all was put inside a gorgeous bag designed for this special event by Vivienne Westwood!!!

Pinktrotters team was, of course, AMAZING!!! Thanks to Vitasnella, main partner of the event, we had the opportunity to create a beautiful and cohesive crew and run with branded tshirts, leggings and Nike shoes too!

A few days before the race we find to train together, it was too funny and we feel all at once in a great tune!


The WOTN night we met at Vitasnella booth, we were very excited and happy, redy to run!!

10371663_10154182699490554_6009473317080102114_n We were gorgeous in our t-shirts and know Pinktrotters are always the most beautiful, glam and seductive :) 1520797_10154182587300554_5887016643293210197_n The Vitasnella booth was wonderful and wonderful girls gave to everybody Vitasnella water...customized for the specal night! 7 But ok ok ok, after many pics, interviews, and known many people... at 9pm the race started, yes the race: we were ready to run, and own the night! The adrenaline was high, a loooong crowd of wonderful adn smiling girls were ready to go!

And we run! For 10 km, always together, through a special Milan, dressed in pink only for those 7500 girls. Along the way there were a lot of pink lights everywhere, so emotional! We run throught Parco Sempione: all around was dark and quiet, you could hear only our fast steps on earth our our aughters.

But the most emotional moment was running in Piazza Duomo....silent, quite, amazing.. and many people who cheered us, there was a girl, probably a tourist, who gave five to eeeeeeevrybody!! She was so cute! WOTN2014_DUOMO_preview (2) When we arrived there was a big party waiting for us: a special dj set played for all the girls, wo danced all night long. We were so proud of all of us, it was a wonderful experience for Pintrotters team, and as is typical for Pinktrottes also on this occasion new and deep friendship were born! The community is growing and growing fastly, and we are so happy and proud! Good job Pinktrotters, we owned the night, we owned Milan!!!!

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