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Check out this list of 5 beautiful Italian villages you might never have heard of!

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Most people visit Italy but are only familiar withRome, Milan, and Verona.
We've put together a list of 5 beautiful cities you might never have heard of. Be sure and check out these gems and share with other gal pals as you make plans to trot your way through Italy!

Gaiola, Italy

The stunning Gaiola Bridge is located on the southern border of Posillipo. The structure resembles natural structure connecting two areas, which is easy to locate by the coastline. The Islands of Gaiola are a must see tranquil location- it's scenic, easy to get to, and a place to relax for retirement citizens.

Capri, Campania

Capri a Mediterranean island has continued to see a rise in visitors over centuries due to its beauty. Why else would intellectuals, artists, writers, travels, come to witness the area, because of its history, landscape, culture and festivities that take place. July is the hottest month were temps average 24 Celsius (75 F) and the coldest month is January is 9 Celsius (48 F). November is the wettest month with an average of 120mm of rain. If you are a swimmer August is the best month to visit as sea temperatures hit 27 Celsius (81 F).

Rapallo & Portofino, Liguria

Cinque Terre area is one of the most romantic lands in the world. Rapallo is not exactly part of it but still stunning location typical of Liguria Region. Do not forget to try the local "pizza genovese" soft with cheese inside overlooking the old castel. Close to Rapallo there is Portofino, another chic beauty.

Diamante, Calabria

Known for it's beautiful beaches, the Italian Region of Calabria is great for a summer getaway (or even early fall!). The Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas are calm, pristine, and perfectly blue. It still has preserved nature and beautiful atmosphere. If you visit Calabria, don't leave without tasting "nduja," the cities famous zesty chilli dish. Diamante is one of the top beaches there.

Santa Maria di Leuca, Puglia

The southern point of Italy, it takes you hours of car driving to et there but you won't regret the effort. The bluest water and the best view: an infinite horizon to look at and the best sunset you can dream of.

Have you ever been there Pinktrotters?!

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