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Oh, wish we could be there right now! Don't you? Discover more!

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It is very difficult to write this blog without starting dreaming again and thinking "I want to be there right now". And this is the reason why every summer we reserve a spot for a relaxing break on these islands.

If you have not been to Capri or Ischia islands yet, you just have to join one of our August Pinktrotters Glam Escapes ( and you will be simply amazed.

I will now try to virtually send you a bit of flavor of what I mean when I say that.

My two days of full immersion in the southern jewels were really not too many to enjoy them in full, but enough to come back with the happiness of being sure to have organized in details something SO special for you, our dear Pinktrotters!

I flied to Naples, spent the night there and woke up with this view:

IMG_6495 Castello dell'Ovo - Naples I have to say the day could have not started in a better way!

After eating my favorite typical sfogliatelle (one riccia & one frolla, the two most famous variants) full of fresh cream and totally ignoring the upcoming bikini test (!!)..........I arrived at the Beverello harbour and jumped on the speed ferry: the usual 50 minutes and Capri here you are again!

Sfogliatelle from Naples The days between Capri & Ischia have been characterised by the amazing people I met along my way, some of them already known for some time and some other met for the first time by coincidence, like Giuseppe, who was sitting next to me on the ferry. By big chance, Giuseppe is the owner of the boat transportation in Capri. Who better than him could reveal me all the secrets of the hidden caves to be explored when sailing there?

If you don't know yet, Capri is poetry all over the places: it's magic, it's inspiring. Guess what's the meaning of the below marble plate in Neapolitan dialect?

IMG_6540 Along your way you will find poems like this... I walked, and walked around, non stop, making sure that everything we planned was ready to host the Pinktrotters!...also went buying a Capri scent in Carthusia and ended up enjoying this view in front of me: the famous Via Krupp from the top. I am always speechless watching the blue & white water colors smashing into the rocks. IMG_6521 A special view With "O Sole Mio" song in my headphones I went discovering all the new fabulous boutiques and typical Capri products: sandals at first place.

I went saying hello to Francesco who was working at a pair of sandals for a special American VIP (could not tell me who she was...). You can see him working in this video!

IMG_6538 Francesco hand making Fiore Sandals A coffee in Piazzetta is a mandatory pit stop, and this time I had the pleasure to share this moment with Gianluigi Lembo, the soul of Anema e Core & Celeste, the clubs where all the life of Capri explodes in the night: the Pinktrotters will always have a table reserved in there!

IMG_6537 Where Capri nightlife concentrates... Capri is so ready to welcome the Pinktrotters!

I moved to Ischia island in the evening by another speed ferry and went resting at the always welcoming Mimmo & MariaLuisa's place: a hidden villa overlooking Forio that hosts thousands of different vegetation types you could not imagine by watching the house from outside. Ischia is a big green island famous for its natural thermal water.

DSCN0785 Forio villa garden...tranquillity By staying on Ischia island I always ask myself why this place is not so well known as Capri is and why all the jet set happens on the next much smaller island, when there is so much more space and also lot of things to do in Ischia...that is why we think you should discover it too and enjoy what it has to offer, spa included! :-)

I then went to say hello to Enzo, managing director of the lovely hotel we have selected for our stay in Ischia. Despite the very hot weather, the green oasis around the central pool allowed us to have a peaceful & relaxing coffee moment.

DSCN0800 Excelsior Gardens A deserved lunch followed in the only place on earth where you can have the authentic grilled mussels and that you can only reach by boat: join us to our glam escape and we will bring you there! Sea urchins linguine are another great specialty. Top, top, top!

IMG_6596 Can you smell the sea by watching this plate? DSCN0835 Leaving the restaurant and back to Ischia by boat The boat up here that allowed me to get back to town was driven by Dario, a fantastic entertainer & poet originally born in Ischia. It's always a pleasure to navigate next to the magnificent Aragonese Castle.

Do you also want to know more about the Southern Italy jewels and to join us in August to see with your own eyes what I tried to describe in few -not sufficient- words?

Stop dreaming, be a Pinktrotter and join a Pinktrotters chic travelling crew in Capri & Ischia!


Cover Photo Credits: Pinktrotters Team

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