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Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

One of the most famous and photographed places in the world, the Amalfi Coast has its unique allure! It doesn’t matter where you come from, you would have heard about this heaven on earth place! So, here you are an itinerary on the Amalfi Coast’s amazing coastline road from Salerno to Positano! Ready to go?

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Towns on the Road

Vietri sul Mare & Raito

Vietri sul Mare is the first little town you''ll meet starting your journey. It's mainly famous for its coloured ceramics that you'll want in your house after this Italian trip. Here pretty much everything, from furniture to decorations, is made of ceramics, so we suggest you to buy some pieces you like in order to remember your holiday here once back home!

The main ceramic factory is called Solimene, but the town of Vietri has also stunning views, little streets, cozy restaurants and a beautiful big beach called the "Marina".

Raito is a little village just outside Vietri and it's located up to the mountain. The town is mainly made up of ancient houses but the view from its mini square is breathtaking!

Cetara & Erchie

Cetara is a fisherman little village whose culinary specialties are the anchovies! Try them in a local restaurant and you won't regret!

Moreover, both Cetara and Erchie have two Norman ancient towers which reflect into the blue water of the sea, creating a unique scenery!


Maiori is the largest town along the coast. It presents a beautiful white long sandy beach, a plesant seaside with palms and gelato corners and a little centre plenty of boutiques!

Amalfi & Atrani

Amalfi is indeed the most well-known place and it gives the name to the whole coast!

If you arrive from the sea you'll recognize Amalfi for the stunning ceramic bell tower and a convent embedded into the rock overlooking the sea!

The square of the cathedral is simply stunning, with a long stair case and marble façade. Discover the internal part of the church and the "paradise chiostro"! Later, loose yourselves into the little narrow streets plenty of lemons souvenir shops, restaurants and boutiques! Don't miss a fountain up in to the little alleyways which has inside a cute crib which stays there all year long and the fountain with the lovers under the umbrella on the port streets!

Just a bend before arriving to Amalfi, take a stop in Atrani, the Italian littlest municipality and maybe one of the most beautiful of the whole country! Its few colored houses, its famous bell tower and arcades on the beach make this village like it's coming out from a painting!


Just few kilometres from Amalfi, up to the mountain, Ravello stands like a little corner of paradise fallen for chance on earth! It is characterized by breath-taking views, a charming little square with a church and many many cute boutiques which sell handmade objects, local specialties shops and art galleries!
Moreover, when in town you literally cannot miss a visit to "Villa Cimbrone" which has an ancient building and stunning gardens overlooking the sea. At the very end of its gardens the "Terrace of Infinity" stands out, with the most incredible view you can imagine. Without doubt it's called like this for a reason! Visit also "Villa Rufolo", another sunning villa where human and natural art mixes perfectly creating a magical atmosphere!


At the end of this road trip trough paradise you'll arrive in Positano! Leave you car and explore the little alleyways up to the mountain and down until the seaside. Positano simply has it all! A white beach with clear water, stunning views, colored houses, art galleries, boutiques, elegant restaurants and a charming colored ceramic dome!

A simply perfect place where you'll understand what beauty is!

Where to Eat

-La Voce del Mare (Vietri sul Mare)

-Lo Smeraldino (Amalfi)

-Il Tarì (Amalfi)

-Chez Black (Positano)

-La Buca di Bacco (Positano)

-Sal De Riso (Minori)

Where to Stay

-Hotel Cetus (Cetara)

-Hotel convento di Amalfi (Amalfi)

-Hotel Luna (Amalfi)

-San Pietro (Positano)

-Covo dei Saraceni (Positano)

-Le Sirenuse (Positano)

Have fun!

The Pink Trotters Team!

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