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Name: Alina Reyzelman Nationality: Russian Living in: Moscow, Los Angeles, London Brief bio: Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Alina Reyzelman...

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Name: Alina Reyzelman

Nationality: Russian

Living in: Moscow, Los Angeles, London

Brief bio: Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Alina Reyzelman started her career working for energy companies and consulting firms holding various senior roles. With 15 years of commercial business expertise, she founded Elite Club Ltd. and Eat Well Co projects to share her experiences driven by an exciting lifestyle defined by world traveling. Her international lifestyles led her to become a self-taught expert on exclusive travel and healthy eating, and create a guide to living and dining luxuriously around the world. Her research on the power of aphrodisiacs led to her book Sex Diet, which provides a new take on nutrition and healthy eating. Alina is actively involved in charity work and admires classics and fine art as an artist herself. Alina is a Ph.D. student, a connoisseur of wines and foods, and the author of World Restaurant Guide. Alina is involved in the motion picture development with Landscape Films and producer Anthony Jabre. She writes movie scripts and plans to produce and direct documentaries in Hollywood.


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What drove you to be so passionate about travelling? I think you are just born with it. You are either passionate about the world or you like to stay at home. Ever since I was a little girl I knew I would travel the world. My favorite classes at school were history and geography. I used to be obsessed with travel books, I liked to dream and imagine far away places. I am inspired by diversity of cultures; country's history, exotic nature, distinguished cuisines and I admire and embrace differences of so many nationalities.

As a travel blogger, how is your typical day? I have many projects I am involved in, so I have to be careful how I manage my time. I set priorities for the day and I do a lot of planning what needs to be done and when. I try to stay on top of travel trends, new hotels openings, I network with travel professionals and I follow social media. I am also a young mom, so I have to make sure I have a good balance between work and family.

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What are the places you travel to the most because of job? All over Europe and the United States. I travel to Asia and Middle East a few times a year. But when I am on holidays, I try to explore places I've never been.

What do you think about women travelling together and the PinkTrotters concept? It's an awesome concept! I think this project will be mega successful because so many likeminded women are independent, beautiful and adventurous. And it's so much fun to travel with somebody who shares same values, sense of fashion and passion for travel.

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Where in the world you felt happiest? I love Italy. I always feel so peaceful there. The country is full of culture, warmth, hospitality. I love everything about Italy, food, fashion, music and beautiful landscapes. For me, one of the most magic places in the world is Lake Como.

How is your travelling standard kit composed by? I tend to bring too much clothes with me. Lots of cosmetics and lots of shoes. Usually I end up wearing only 50% of what I packed. I need to learn how to pack better.

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Which book have you read during your last trip? I am studying political science, so all the literature I have been reading the past 3 years is on Russian-Israeli bilateral relations. I know…it sounds boring.

Name a place that most lived up to the hype? London.

Add a place that didn´t ? I was a bit disappointed that the streets of the most beautiful and romantic city like Paris are so dirty.

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Do you have a guilty pleasure when travelling? I always try to find time to relax and enjoy new destinations when I travel for business or pleasure. And I eat a lot of local foods and drink lots of local wines. So, yes, food is my guilty pleasure.

What do you like to wear when you travel? It depends. If it's a long flight over Atlantic then a casual Juicy Couture suit, if it's a short flight on business I may wear a chic dress and hills.

Thank you very much Alina for your contribution to our Blog, we'd love you to be one of us during Summer 2014 in one of our Pinktrotters villas, maybe in Ostuni, as you love Italy so much?

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