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Friday again: time to leave behind another week full of meetings and conf calls

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Friday again: time to leave behind another week full of meetings and conf calls (and gym, and cinema, and dinners, and house should already know that a true Pinktrotter never stops!) and leave again. Let a new Pinktrotters' summer weekend start!


Crossing Milano-Roma with the new Ford Eco Sport. On board 4 girls that at the beginning know very little of each others and that at the end of the weekend will go back home each one with 3 new friends, as claimed by the perfect Pinktrotters' ethos.
Destination of this new and all italian glam escape? Roma, or better, its countryside: Formello.


Because being glamour doesn't exclude being bucolic at all!It was really a weekend based on simplicity, at the discovery of nature and animals..a real Pinktrotters' Farm!Starting from waking up with horses pasturing in the garden and having breakfast by the swimming pool with cherries and mulberries, caught directly from the tree (first discovery of the weekend: I admit that up to saturday I had totally ignord that mulberrie were dak fruits, similar to blackberries!).
Another, super appreciated, discovery, was the Agriturismo La Fattoria di Pacifico, in Formello.

_DSC7734 copy In the kiosk area, "aperi-pranzo" (don't call it brunch, please, it would be a serious offense to the regenerating rural envirinment) with fresh ricotta with strawberries and fruit salad, cheese coming from the factory close-by (don't say it's not a km 0!) sided by honey and homemade pear jam, ham, sandwiches...and a delicious licorice icecream: there couldn't have been a better meal for the Pinktrotters!

_DSC7679 copy

We liked it so much that we went backthere on Sunday as well, choosing an even more bucolic picnic on the grass: basket of "km 0 provisions" prepared at the kiosk, red and white table cloth, little bing in the sun and then a good book in the shadow of the olive tree: tell me if it's not regenerating!Next time, we need to try also the lunch seated in the terrace, with the great view on Roman hills. Take a note.


Going back to the findings of the weekend, new basics on horses learnt during the horse show at Piazza di Siena: seated on the bleachers to watch Trofeo Loro Piana, between one selfie and another, we even learnt what the word barrage means!Of course there was also a "fashion" discovery (even if always "ecologic") during this bucolic weekend! Silvia Massacesi's studio and her crok bags. We immediately fell in love with them and each of us chose her favourite one, according to our outfits.

A special thank to Martina of Tacchi a Cavallo, perfect landlady and planner of our trip. See you at next Glam Escape!
by Elena

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